Mission - Vision - Values

We know we can't change the world, but our Mission is to help senior executives to be inspirational leaders and managers to be effective. Our Vision is that, in our own small way, we make the world a better place for leaders and managers and the people who work with and for them.

Our Values are that we put our clients' interests at the centre of all we do; we always act in the most professional manner and we do everything possible to build trust. If you ask us to work with you, we will get to know your business and the issues you face and we will be honest in our explanation of the extent to which we may be able to help you.

Over the 15 years we have been in business we have worked with dozens of client organisations and hundreds of individuals and many keep in touch to let us know the results of our work together.

Aurora TDS is based in Peterborough, near Cambridge in the UK.

What we do

We work with Boards and individual Executives to drive change and achieve business success through inspirational leadership.

Similarly, we work with managers at all levels to help them ensure they are effective in their roles.

We offer training, consultancy, mentoring and coaching in leadership and management. Research shows that high quality leadership gives businesses an edge over competitors (Jim Collins - Good to Great and Built to Last) and many of the world's most successful companies take explicit action to develop leadership capability.

The Leadership Value Chain runs like this: Leadership Capability ~ Drives indvidual and collective performance ~ Generates value for Customers ~ Increases Customer satisfaction ~ Delivers business results. For any organisation serious about achieving success the argument for building leadership capability is compelling!

Our Experience

Our experience has been gained by working in a variety of industries and across sectors; after-all, leadership challenges are not industry or sector specific!

We have worked for or with some of the most prestigious organisations the world.  These have included the Royal Air Force, GSK (pharmaceuticals, R&D, FMCG), Exxon Mobile, Walkers Snack Foods, Dairy Crest, PMI, Schlumberger (world-wide oil and gas-field services provider), Sherwin-Williams, TDA (formerly an agency of the Department for Children Schools and Families), the Department of Health (DH) and numerous local government and health authorities. 

Right now we are developing a business relationship with Business Skills, based in Argentina, who design a variety of high quality computer-based learning simulations.  Our specific interest at this stage is offering a Leadership simulation in support of some of our programmes explained on our Development page.  Learning through simulation is enjoyable and engaging and has a number of advantages over traditional methods.