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development, coaching
and mentoring that
makes a measurable
difference to performance


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Leadership and Management Development
through four 'high impact' programmes.
Coaching and Mentoring
Very powerful and effective ways for
individual directors, executives and
managers to develop their
skills and confidence.
A range of highly practical courses
designed and delivered in a systematic
way to help organisations up-skill
their employees.
We hold ourselves accountable
for the results of our work.

Before we start a programme, we agree success
criteria with our clients and how that success will
be assessed. We review progress periodically
and we use the New World Kirkpatrick model to
evaluate results.
In short, we don't want our clients to waste
money on training! Instead, we work with our
clients to help them maximise the investment
they make in developing their people.
Established for 10 years, we have worked with
some fabulous clients in all sectors.

We are based in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire.

The company is owned by Chris
Cordery who has over 25 years
experience in leadership, senior
management, training,
development and coaching.
"I've worked with Chris at my last two organisations
where he as acted as an executive coach and trainer.
An extremely professional person with high integrity
he is personable and challenges your usual
approach to situations."

Director of Integrated Marketing
Aurora TDS Ltd
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