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Our values...

Our philosophy...

Our base and where we work...
Our values are important to us.
They guide and inform everything we do.
They are our professional and ethical framework.

We always do what we say we will do; we are
driven by our clients’ requirements and
we are always on time and well prepared.

Open, Honest and Challenging
We are open and honest in all our communication
and we believe we add value to our interactions
with clients by challenging opinions and beliefs ..
and being prepared to be challenged too!

Courtesy and Respect
We are polite and respectful to all people
with whom we come into contact.
We have a strong, unwavering philosophy
towards learning. We know that people learn in different ways and we go to great lengths to meet
the learning needs of all participants in our programmes. We also know that adults learn well
by experience, so our programmes are designed
to be more practical or experiential than academic.

Having said that, we base the content of our
events on the work and research of
respected authors.

Our programmes are normally run as facilitated workshops, not as instructor-led courses.
We design them to maximise participants’
discussion, exercises, activities
and problem solving tasks.
We are based in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire but we operate locally, nationally and internationally.

Internationally, over the past few years we have worked with clients in the USA, Poland, France, Italy, Ukraine, France and Norway.  This year we already have bookings for Paris and Stavanger.

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