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Coaching and Mentoring
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We believe that Coaching and Mentoring are powerful ways of developing people and performance.

They are, almost by definition, tailored methods of providing the learning that each individual person needs to do their particular job.

If conducted properly, Coaching and Mentoring can get better results (improved performance at work) more quickly than sending people on courses.

Our coaching is aimed at Directors, Executives, Managers & Supervisors at all levels. Our coaches are qualified through The Coaching Academy.

As can be seen from our ‘High Impact’ programme page, we frequently use coaching to help
individuals to apply what they learn in
workshops and courses to their workplaces.

We provide Coaching and Mentoring in all aspects of business, management and leadership, but we specialise in our HOW 2 series subjects:

•  How to be an inspirational Leader

•  How to be a confident Manager

•  How to lead a high performance Team

•  How to manage Time effectively

•  How to Resolve Conflict

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