Coaching in Leadership and Management

We provide Results Based Coaching. Before we embark on any assignment we work with our clients to discover exactly what results they want to achieve. Using our unique assessement tool we focus on the high priority areas that organisations and individuals want to address and we agree the measures that would indicate both short-term and long-term success.

Aligned with Coaching, we also offer Mentoring. There is a subtle difference between the two: in coaching we help our clients work out their own solutions to the challenges they face and in mentoring we observe our clients at work, for example chairing meetings (sometimes Board meetings), giving presentations or conducting recruitment and selection interviews and we give feedback on performance afterwards.

Coaching: our world-wide Reach

Whilst the classic view of coaching is two people sitting together having a face to face conversation, we know from experience that coaching by Skype or by telephone can be equally effective. This enables us to provide our coaching services across the globe.

If you would like to explore how we could make this work for you or the people in your organisation, please get in touch with us via the Contact page.

Coaching Skills for Line Managers

Basic coaching skills are a very useful tool for managers who want to get the very best performance from their staff. They help managers get away from the morale sapping culture of 'telling' staff what to do and enable a more 'empowering and engaging' working climate.

We run 2-day courses to introduce line managers to coaching skills. These are based on the essential competencies of coaching and include a great deal of practical work. These include questioning skills, listening skills and how to use the GROW framework for coaching conversations.

Leaders and managers who actively use coaching as part of their management style tend to get the very best performance out of their people.