Facilitation - what is it?

Facilitation underpins a great deal of our work. It is the means by which we run our courses and it is the key to effective meetings in our clients' businesses. Facilitation requires a unique set of competencies which we have written into our unique 'Facilitation Competence Framework' and we use this as the basis for our own methods of delivering training and for embedding facilitation skills inside our clients' organisations.

Facilitation services

We sometimes facilitate meetings when our clients prefer to use an external person to run certain, specific meetings such as for the purposes of Strategic Planning, resolving Complex Problems or encouraging Creativity and Innovation. 

A skilled and practiced facilitator will maximise the effectiveness of time spent in meeting and avoid long, rambling, circular discussions. Using a variety of tools and techniques such as Force Field Analysis, Journey Mapping, 5 Whys, Impact Mapping, Fishbone Analysis, World Café and Innovation Funnel groups can quickly get to solutions in compelling and interactive ways.

Training in Facilitation Skills

Facilitation is a powerful way of running certain kinds of meetings and we provide training in the necessary skills. We have developed our own, unique Facilitation Skills competence framework and we train against it. This way we help our clients to build their own, internal Facilitation capability.

Our basic Facilitation Skills course is 2-days long and those people who wish to learn more advanced tools and techniques would need an additional day.